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When A Publisher Fails

I’ve been putting off updating this page because I was hoping to be in a position to announce the next installment of my Gemeta Stone series – but instead, I have to announce it’s in limbo at the moment.

out of businessLong story short: my publisher, Fiery Seas Publishing, has officially closed up shop. I saw the handwriting on the wall back in August 2018, when the fourth book in the series, Ragis, was finally released, with virtually no promotion and following a pre-production schedule that was rife with delays, lack of communication and numerous missed deadlines. There’s no point in rehashing the whole screwed-up process here (although I may blog about it later), so suffice it to say that after learning that other FSP authors were experiencing similar problems, I contacted my agency, and they agreed with me that the time had come to request a reversion of my rights and step away from Fiery Seas. At least a half-dozen other authors did the same.

As of December 5, 2018, rights for the series reverted back to me, and on the same date the publisher contacted its remaining authors announcing its closure at the end of the month.

So what happens now? At present, digital versions of the books are no longer available, and paperback editions are only available in very limited quantities from Amazon. Meantime, my agency currently has my books out on submission to other publishers, and I am hard at work on the fifth and final book in the series. I’ve already completed a prequel that focuses on my main character’s difficult childhood, juxtaposing it against the antagonist’s equally troubled adolescence.

I’m hoping to have a followup announcement next month, so stay tuned.



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