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Return of The Gemeta Stone!

Big news!

After the failure of my former publisher last year, the reversion of my rights and several months spent in limbo while my agency tried in vain to find a new publisher for The Gemeta Stone series, I’m delighted to announce that the series is finally making its comeback, under my own imprint!

Kinglet, the first book of the epic fantasy series, will be re-released sometime in the beginning of May. Fiskur, StoneKing and Ragis will follow just as quickly as I can get them out. The books will be available in both ebook and paperback formats, exclusively on Amazon to begin with, although I may “go wide” at a later date.

The books are getting a splendid makeover from Michelle Argyle of Melissa Williams Designs, with elegantly reformatted interiors and splendid new covers. Here’s the new Kinglet cover – isn’t it amazing?

(1) Kinglet_1600x2500

And of course, work continues apace on the rest of the series. A prequel will be the next to release, and I’m hard at work on Book 5, which will be the final installment in Kristan Gemeta’s epic saga.

Stay tuned to this page for more information on Kinglet’s re-release, and for the latest news on the rest of the series!


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