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Recent Personal Appearances

It’s been busy on the public speaking front lately: I’ve had three appearances in the past few weeks, in very different venues.

On Saturday evening, September 15th, I was honored to be the guest speaker at Conner & Smith, part of an intimate evening that included samplings of several different wines, live music and conversations about the arts. I was interviewed by host Matt Conner, discussed my Gemeta Stone series and fielded questions about the writing process.

Matt's Wine Tasting Kara 1

Discussing Kinglet with Matt Conner.

On Tuesday, September 18th, I traveled to Front Royal, Virginia for a visit to Skyline High School, where I was the guest speaker for two Creative Writing classes (taught by Rich Follett) and one AP Literature class (taught by Matt Kull) – approximately 60 students altogether. I had a lively discussion with all three classes about the craft of writing, touching on topics as wide-ranging as development of characters, the dreaded waking-up opener, and writer’s block. Here are some scenes from that day:


Speaking to a combined class of creative writing and literature students at Skyline High School.


The students read the opening of KINGLET as a class assignment; for contrast I read them the opening of STONEKING, which takes place years later in the same setting, with much the same group of characters, but with a very different mood.


Signing a copy of RAGIS for my good friend Rich Follett.

When 2:30 rolled around the students were dismissed for the day, but I stayed for a quick interview with Mike McCool of the Royal Examiner. You can see the two videos here and here (warning: they’re long).

On October 13th I participated in Indie Author Day at Patrick Henry Library in my own little town of Vienna, Virginia. While there wasn’t as much foot traffic to our room as I would have liked (signage from the library would have helped), I did have some interesting chats with the library’s rep and my fellow authors (in the photo below, I’m talking to Russell Ginns, author of Samantha Spinner and The Super-Secret Plans). Overall I was pleased with the way my table looked, and got a few more ideas from looking at the other authors’ displays.


My table (right by the kitchen sink!) at Patrick Henry Library’s Indie Author Day event.


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