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Facebook Author Page is LIVE!

I’ve been dragging my feet for months about this, but I’ve finally set up a Facebook page devoted to my writing work. You can find it here:  Donna Migliaccio – Author.

Having an Author page allows me to place Facebook ads, run promos, boost posts and increase my books’ visibility on social media. If you like what you see there and are interested in getting the latest about my GEMETA STONE series, my intermittent story story publications or my very occasional blogging, hit the “follow” button. I would REALLY appreciate it!

Gemeta Stone 5 Covers Sand


Don’t Be Afraid – Leave a Review!

If you’ve read any of my books, please know that I welcome your reviews. Reviews boost my visibility on Amazon and elsewhere. In addition, many book promotion sites require a certain number of positive reviews before they’ll allow you to participate in their upper tier promo, so reviews from readers like you are especially important to independent authors like me.

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