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FISKUR, the sequel to KINGLET and the second book in THE GEMETA STONE fantasy series, is now available from these fine retailers:



iBOOKS (ebook only)

KOBO (ebook only)


What’s that you say? You haven’t yet read KINGLET, the first book in the series? Well, head over to the KINGLET page right here on this website for purchase links. And if you don’t want to order online, head to your local bookseller. If they don’t currently have them in stock, they can easily order both KINGLET and FISKUR for you.


With his family’s talisman in his possession, Kristan Gemeta is ready to face the Wichelord Daazna – but he has no inkling of the scope of Daazna’s power, nor the depths of his hatred.     

With the recovery of his family’s protective talisman, Kristan Gemeta has found hope, courage – and perhaps even the first stirrings of love.  With the aid of Heather Demitt, her band of rebels, a shipload of Northern brigands and the legendary Kentavron, he readies himself to face the Wichelord Daazna.  But neither he nor his comrades realize the strength of Daazna’s power and hatred.  The Wichelord’s first blow comes from a direction Kristan least expects, with horrific, lasting consequences.


What the critics are saying:

“Amazing…a breathtaking story that is impossible to rush through.” – Thrice Read Books

“Too often the second book in a fantasy series doesn’t hold up to the initial outing. Not in this case. The author has given her characters new depths, yet kept the brisk pace of action you want in a fantasy where swords are as important as magic.” – Indelible Inc

“…addictive from page one…a complete page-turner.” – A Bookworm’s Nook

“…well-paced, and full of great characters.” – Polish & Paperbacks