News, Notes and Upcoming Gigs

And the hits just keep on coming…

I’d announced previously that my next gig, CAMILLE CLAUDEL at Signature Theatre, was shuttered due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, and that I didn’t know the status of my summer production. Olney Theatre has now made it official that PIPPIN will not be produced this year, although they’re hoping to produce it in a future season as well as present it in concert format this summer. I’ll keep you posted on both projects as I get more information.

I’m only one of thousands of area theatre professionals who are feeling the pinch as bookings are cancelled and future employment opportunities are clouded in uncertainty. The good folks at are helping out with their TAKING CARE initiative, a special fund to assist those in need. I did my part with a video appeal:


If you’d like to donate to TAKING CARE’s special COVID-19 emergency relief fund, here’s the direct link: TAKING CARE Fund. Even if you don’t have much to give, even a little bit helps.


Up Next – Who Knows?

It’s hard to say what will happen next on the acting front. Some theatres in the area have gone ahead and canceled the balance of their 2019-20 season; some are hanging on, hoping for improvements in the COVID-19 situation. Meantime, so many theatrical professionals – actors, directors, designers, technicians, musicians – are out of work, with no idea where their next paycheck is coming from. It’s a rough time for everyone out there. Be kind, be well…and stay tuned for updates.