News, Notes and Upcoming Gigs

Keeping busy

While typical theatrical work continues on hiatus while the world fights the COVID-19 battle, I’ve picked up a few little jobs here and there. Just to cheer things up, here’s a little bit of nunsense (see what I did there?) I recorded for my friends at Olney Theatre Center. I hope you enjoy it (watch through the end for a special message from Olney Artistic Director Jason Loewith):

Up Next – Who Knows?

It’s hard to say what will happen next on the acting front. Area theatres have canceled the balance of their 2019-20 season; hopes for returning to full production by early 2021 are fading as the search for a viable vaccine continues. Some theatres have furloughed or reduced pay for their administrative staff, which means they join the tens of thousands of theatrical professionals – actors, directors, designers, technicians, musicians – who have been out of work since March. Unemployment benefits are running/have run out for many, and actor union health plans are in jeopardy because nobody working = no income for those plans. Things continue to be rough for everyone out there, so please – be kind, be well…and stay tuned for updates.