News, Notes and Upcoming Gigs

COVID-19 Clobbers Theatrical Plans

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that my next gig, CAMILLE CLAUDEL at Signature Theatre, is another victim of the COVID-19 shutdowns. The show’s premiere was original scheduled for March 24, then pushed back to March 31. Now it’s shuttered entirely.

There is a tiny bit of good news, though. Signature is so committed to producing this beautiful musical about the visionary 19th century sculptor that they’ve scheduled it into their 2020-21 season – so CAMILLE CLAUDEL will live again! Production dates will be announced later, so to whet your appetite until then, here’s Teal Wicks as Camille singing “In The Stone,” one of the many exciting Frank Wildhorn songs in the show:


Helen Hayes Awards Delayed

As you know, I was delighted to receive a Helen Hayes nomination in February for my performance in Olney Theatre’s production of CABARET. The awards gala was scheduled for May, but like every other major gathering in the DC Metro area, it’s been postponed. Projected new date is purportedly sometime in August, but as we’re all very much aware, things are changing on a daily basis and who knows what will happen. I’ll keep you posted.


Up Next – Who Knows?

My next show was slated to start rehearsal in May, with a June opening, but since everything is in a state of flux right now, it’s hard to say what will happen. Some theatres in the area have gone ahead and canceled the balance of their 2019-20 season; some are hanging on, hoping for improvements in the COVID-19 situation. Meantime, so many theatrical professionals – actors, directors, designers, technicians, musicians – are out of work, with no idea where their next paycheck is coming from. It’s a rough time for everyone out there. Be kind, be well…and stay tuned for updates.