Haiku U

This is just a quick post to share some haiku that I’ve written.  I’ve mentioned in the past that I use a website called oneword.com for one-minute writing prompts, but this same site has a little haiku challenge that I do occasionally, too, just for grins.  Here are a few of the challenge words and my resulting poems:



Fussy in fuschia
She pouts into the mirror
Posing and preening


The ocean curls its
Fingers into a huge fist
And punches the land.


And though you remain
Positively positive
I still smell your fear.


Aging hipster with
Gangsta clothes and attitude
Only makes me smile


This argument is
Like a mobius strip
An endless circle


“We are one,” you say;
“Kindred spirits, you and me.”
Then you lick your lips.


Count on your fingers
The times you didn’t listen
No wonder she left


Somnolent walrus
Whiskered, weighty yet winsome
How’s your self-esteem?


Effervescent has
Four syllables, which makes it
Tough to write haiku


The kiss was sweet but
Sometimes it’s not nice to share
When you’re infectious


Listen to your gut
They say. When I cock my ear
I hear rumbling


“Catch me if you can,”
The boy jeered, and so I did.
He was delicious.


Great Wave At Kanagawa


  1. perg

    I like Tsunami the best, though there are quite a few good ones. I love the way good haiku suggests a scene or image or emotion without flatly spelling it out. On the subject of short writing, you should follow Arjun Basu on Twitter (@arjunbasu). He writes short stories in 140 characters; does several a day and they can be pretty entertaining.

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