The Bear

Remember a month or so back when we bought an unfinished cedar bear in ? He looked like this:

Well, the finished bear arrived a week ago, and now he looks like this:

He’s a handsome bear, and we’re very pleased with him. We tried to come up with all sorts of clever names for him, but unfortunately, none of them seemed to fit – so he is simply called The Bear. We decided he was too pretty to leave outside, so he has a place of honor in the living room, where he can greet all our guests.

From the side, he has a rather winsome and winning smile:

Some people have a welcome mat; we have a Welcome Bear.


  1. Anonymous

    Been talking to Sarah Rosenthal's mom and she said you were also headed for the big adventure. We are so happy and exicited for you and can't wait to come see!!Gail RobinsonBradley Bowers

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