For some reason, this photo makes me ridiculously happy.

I realize that CuteOverload is probably old news to many, but in spite of its oogie-woogie narrative voice, it’s still one of my favorite websites. This particular dog was featured on January 1, and I can’t think of a nicer image to start the New Year.

P.S. There are three other pictures that go with it, so it’s worth clicking on the link to see the whole photo essay thing.


  1. Anonymous

    Oh, the final picture is the best one: “AND WE’RE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT!” I would never thought he could get airborne except maybe it’s just air under all that hair.Perg

  2. Joan L.

    Be careful on that website. They were infected with a seriously nasty virus recently and if I had not just bought new Norton 2008 for my computer, it would have F-ed me up big time. I love that site, but I thought it was very irresponsible of them to keep the site up when they knew they had a virus on it.

  3. Joan L.

    It was infecting visitors and they were complaining vociferously about it. It tried to load itself on my computer but my Norton stopped it. It was actually more of a hijacker, because once it invaded your computer, it hijacked your home page and executed a bunch of programming I hope they got rid of it.

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