"tick, tick…BOOM!"

John and I went to see tick, tick…BOOM! at MetroStage last night. It was a terrific evening – the show is solidly performed and directed, with a kick-ass four-piece band. It’s got great lighting and an imaginative set which is a perfect fit for Metro’s little jewel-box house.

The only bad part was that the show isn’t getting the houses it deserves. I don’t know the reason (maybe the piece isn’t that well known), but it’s a terrific ninety minutes of pop/rock by the late Jonathan Larson, who is best known for Rent. If you shy away from the genre, rest assured that the sound is well-balanced (no ear-splitting guitar riffs or vocal wailing) and the story is thought-provoking, particularly in light of Larson’s untimely death.

Get yourself out to see it.

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  1. Anonymous

    I saw this show as well. I thought it was a lot of fun. Not GREAT, but FUN. And yet I still thought more people would have come, anyway. It was simple, and had something everyone could identify with.Little MetroStage usually does well with turnout. Maybe the seats? One’s butt CAN go numb after a while in those darn near cushionless chairs. But(t) my thing is bring a little rump cushion, already. I hope THAT wasn’t the reason for low turnout.

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