April Is the Cruelest Month

The Helen Hayes Awards are tonight and I’ve got to figure out what to wear.

I had planned on wearing the same frock I wore to the Signature Opening Night Gala, which is sleeveless and features a lot of cleavage. However, it’s going to be blustery and cold tonight, and I also discovered this weekend that I’m sporting a colorful array of bruises as a result of various mishaps during tech and opening week of The Musical of Musicals at MetroStage. The worst of them came from colliding with a pointed set piece on a really fast exit; the resulting gash and bruise high on my left bicep have mostly healed, but what remains of the bruise is in a half-moon shape that looks like a bite mark. The pointed part of the set was honed down, but that didn’t keep me from whamming into it again at full speed two days later and bruising my shoulder. I finally managed to aim my exit properly and haven’t hit the set piece since, but I’ve got a bruise on my left forearm (whacked into the piano lid during a too-vigorous comic moment) and two on my right bicep (I think from a dance number where I’m manipulating a chair at high speed).

Anyhow, the bruises are way too obvious on my winter-white skin, and I don’t want to freeze to death either, so I’ve either got to cobble together an outfit from what’s already in my closet, or go shopping. I’ve had an idle look ’round at the stores and there’s not much out there that has sleeves – in fact, it’s mostly pretty-princess prom dresses on the racks right now, or matronly mother-of-the-bride stuff. I’m not holding out a lot of hope that I’ll find anything that I like, but I’m off to the stores this morning all the same. Wish me luck.


  1. Joan L.

    Best fishes on your clothes shopping. I hate clothes shopping right now because I’m in between sizes. The good news is I bought pants on Friday and had to buy 2 sizes smaller than usual! Woot! It would help if the weather would behave properly, wouldn’t it?Worst backstage clocking I ever got was in rehearsals for “Grease”. The director had the bright idea that we should do “Beauty School Dropout” while parading down a very steep and narrow staircase, wearing shower curtain rods (with shower curtains) over our shoulders, as if we were in a shower (I know, who showers at a beauty school?) Anyhow, two seconds in, I got jabbed straight in the eye by another girl. Shower rod in eye not recommended. Unless you like shiners. Needless to say, we restaged that sucker.

  2. Anonymous

    Hurray! Hurray! You deserve your award. But then again, I guess you’d call me partial since I’ve seen every production you’ve been in – – – and never been disappointed.Steve K from Dover, DE

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