Okay, I Concede

It’s late Easter and I’ve been at rehearsal all day and only just got the chance to look at the winners from the Washington Post’s Peep Diorama contest.

The winning entries were all so brilliant that I’m humbled (clearly, I would have been better off by not obsessing so much over what the Post meant by “shoebox or an item of comparable dimensions,” since most of the winning entries were housed in boxes that exceeded the average shoebox dimensions). While the winning entry was beautifully composed and executed, my personal favorite was “Soylent Green Is Peeps!” Go look at it for yourself. It gave me a desperately needed laugh today.


  1. Joan L.

    They are cute, but I don’t think it’s quite right that a professional artist won. More than one of those pictured were done by professional artists, and it seems unfair they were allowed to compete. At the least, there should have been separate categories for pros and the general public Not quite right, IMHO

  2. MamaLana

    I liked “Soylent Green is Peeps” too! But yours was just as clever, if not more so! You even managed to give your Peepington a very presidential expression. Bravo!

  3. George

    Hi. I just happened to google “peeps diorama” in the image area and saw the Washington painting pic. “Huh,” I said, that’s interesting, since I submitted a “Washington Crossing the Delaware with his Blue Coat Peeps.” So I clicked it and the image went to your Blog. I also submitted Bride of Peepin’stein which was selected. You’ll note the Post didn’t even credit the semi-finalist. A bit lazy there, I think. Anyhow, I’ll email you my Washington if you care to see how our two concepts differ. Now Joan has posted she didn’t quite agree that pros won. Well, I agree. There should be three categories: pros, peep amatuers (ha), and one for kids, too, because I’m sure many were crushed. But don’t give up. You have all year to ponder Peep greatness. Cheers, George

  4. Anonymous

    Ooooo, so we will all spend the next year donning our “Peeps Colored Glasses.” Ahhh, “will this make a good Peep diorama?” “hey, how about that?” or “hush kids, I am having a Peeps Flash.” I can see it now, “Peep-rise Assisted Living”, the place where we all end up someday with our aged Peep afflictions…hope they have glue, felt and Peeps! (Needless to say I had fun with my dioramas)

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