Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Or rather, out Signature’s back door.

One can get a thrill from the splendor of Signature Theatre’s new building, but the view from the rear is equally entertaining. I don’t smoke, but I sometimes join the smokers in the company of Into the Woods on one of the back fire escapes for a breath of semi-fresh air. Since the whole area is still in a state of flux, there are puzzling and amusing sights everywhere. Such as…

This highly discerning dumpster (only the best garbage, please):

No idea what this structure is, but we call it “The Witch’s Tit,” in honor of one of our cast members:

The budget version of the Bates Motel:

And nearby, the Sand Tits:

The Bus Stop To Who Knows Where, along with the Partial Bunker for Protection From Who Knows What:

And finally, the Evel Knievel Motorcycle Ramp (or the top of the Shirlington Village Ampitheatre for Performing Stuff Outside – you choose):

And there are other wonderful sights, such as the Concrete Crucifix and the Splatters of Wardrobe Mistress’ Vomit, but they really must be seen in person to appreciate them.


  1. LuvDusty

    I know this is off-topic, but Donna, congrats on the HH nom..you were so much fun in Assassins! It was great to watch you sink your teeth into that role! Whether you win or not, you’re already a winner with that performance!

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