Continuing the Conversation

This may be as good a time as any to announce that I’ll be speaking tomorrow (Monday, February 5th) at the just barely open Shirlington Library, which is downstairs from Signature Theatre’s new digs. The street address is 2800 S. Stafford Street, just down the block from the restaurants in Shirlington Village. Look for Signature’s red neon sign and the blue neon “uphill waterfall” that runs up the side of the building.

This is part of the series called “From Page to Stage,” a cooperative effort between the Arlington County Library system and Signature. The series focuses specifically on the words and themes on the page that are the foundation for the theatrical work on the stage. I’ll be discussing Into the Woods, so if any of you good folks would like to attend, please do. The discussion is free to the public and takes place in the library’s meeting room at 7 PM.

See you there.


  1. Googla Monster

    Donna, I enjoyed the event at the library last night very much. Thank you so much for sharing all those great stories — with impersonations — with us. p.s. Your hair was gorgeous. Did you just have it done?

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