Photo Essay

What Fairy Tale Characters Do When They’re “Dead”

Red Riding Hood’s Granny gets in some serious reading, looking remarkably well after being smashed flat by a marauding Giantess.

Rapunzel removes her wig and becomes a bit light-headed, which is understandable considering her hard life: imprisoned in a tower, cast out into a desert, married to a dingbat Prince and finally stomped by the self-same Giantess that got Granny.

The Witch indulges in a little light reading while recovering from her disappearance in a puff of smoke.

After being devoured by his second wife and her daughters, Cinderella’s Father takes off his shoes and puts his feet up.

Cinderella’s Stepmother and the Prince’s Steward raid the refrigerator for snacks. After all, they’ve been lost in the woods for a long time and Cinderella’s Father made for lean pickin’s. The Steward was eventually eaten by a bear; Cinderella’s Stepmother escaped (deserting her daughters in the process) and we think she’s wreaking havoc in some other unfortunate kingdom.



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