Thanks to Olivia Haas, PR maven for Signature Theatre, who kindly forwarded this terrific candid to me, taken by photographer Scott Suchman. It’s from Saturday night’s Gala. Eric Schaeffer and I had just posed for a couple of formal shots. When we were done, we turned to each other and suddenly burst into helpless, happy laughter. Scott laughed, too – he must have known he’d gotten a great photo.

Not a particularly flattering photo of either of us – but a terrific memory of the evening and a great, spontaneous moment.


  1. Anonymous

    If anyone should be laughing in delight, it should be you & Eric! You two have created an institution and it’s delightful to witness the outcome! The new space is quite fabulous, so are you, and so is the photo! Congrats!Much Love,J. Fred

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