A Little Christmas Game

One of the foolish things I like to do is play games online. No, not those weird gamer games where you challenge some pimply-faced adolescent who will proceed to beat the tar out of you. I like puzzle games, escape-the-room games, and oddball games.

I stumbled on Winterbells yesterday. It’s a perfectly pleasant little game wherein a white rabbit leaps into a snowy night sky and bounces off bells and the occasional flying bird in order to rise higher and higher into the air. If he misses and falls, no matter – the little dickens always lands on his feet. There is no blood, no splattery stuff, and very nice theme music somewhat reminiscent of the Pachelbel Canon in D. There’s something peaceful about the little rabbit leaping into the air (kudos to the animators for making the bunny move like a real rabbit). And it’s challenging enough that I keep going back to play. My current high score is 56,760.

Beat that. And Merry Christmas.


  1. Editaur

    I enjoyed it except that watching the peaceful little bunny drop out of the sky was always jarring, even though he didn’t splat. I could never restrain an “AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!” as he fell.

  2. Joan L.

    Geez, this guy/girl has a whole TON of games and they are all adorable. I like the cranky crab game. I’ve bookmarked this site for sure.Cranky crabs…heh..you hit them with a yoyo!!! HAHAHA

  3. Joan L.

    They are trippy. Some of them are so sweet, and a couple of them are sweetly evil (like the one where you hit skaters with a giant snowball). I really like them. They aren’t loud or flashy, so they don’t give me a headache, and the music is soothing. The kids, the girls at work, and I are hooked!

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