Incredibly Crass Self-Promotional Plug

If you happen to be in a theatre over the next month or so, you will probably have the chance to pick up The Washington Theatre Review, a glossy quarterly magazine devoted to DC theatre, which I heartily recommend that you purchase or better yet, subscribe to since it’s the only local publication devoted entirely to area professional theatre; and not just because there’s a really good article ABOUT ME in the Winter edition, written by Paul McLane who did a hell of a job cutting down a two-and-a-half hour interview into a well-crafted piece.

On the other hand, if you can’t find the magazine, you could click here and read the vast majority of the raw interview, in which I Do Ramble On.


  1. Mairi

    Donna, thank you so much for posting this link. As always, you are an inspiration. How I wish I lived on your side of the pond and could have you as a mentor. I do admit, however sadly, that I am probably a little old to apply for the post! Your honesty is admirable, and your talent, as always, shines through.

  2. Joan L.

    As for “You Never Can Tell”, if I remember correctly, that is the play in which claret cup is mentioned a zillion times. I don’t remember much about that show, but I remember the lights coming up, and you were sitting with your back to the audience and your head turned, so you were in profile. You were wearing a beautiful costume, and I also CLEARLY remember the reaction of the audience (in particular a man who was sitting next to me) and it was “Wow.” People fairly gasped.You looked absolutely stunning.I never knew a reviewer said you were plain, but if they did, they were on crack. I know, because after all these years, I’ve never forgotten that. Most memorable entrance I’ve ever seen in any show.Besides, look how much we look alike, and you know what a sexy beast I am. ;p

  3. Donna Migliaccio

    Ah, Joan – you’re remembering “Heartbreak House,” which I did the year before for the same theatre (and yes, the lighting and the costume were both spectacular). It was also a Shaw piece, a much better production and a huge hit. “You Never Can Tell” was the theatre’s attempt the following year to make lightning strike twice by using the same playwright, the same director and many of the same actors, and it just didn’t quite come together the same way.However, claret cup IS mentioned endlessly in “You Never Can Tell,” so you’re right about that.

  4. Joan L.

    I wasn’t sure I had the right show, but all the same, it proves you were nothing like plain then, or now, and never have been! :)I stand by my crack….statement…heh

  5. Bob Anthony

    I am a little disappointed with your comment about me in the interview. “should use English”. Why haven’t you ever mentioned this to me in the past…I have been covering Signature and you since the get-go. Is it my word selection or composition? I do have a doctorate degree in psycholinguistics, you know?I trust you will not insult me in the future. Also, there are now five critics on the page…do you feel the same about them.

  6. Donna Migliaccio

    Oh, Bob – I am SO not getting into a pissing contest with you about this.The Review’s interviewer asked my opinion on the topic of local critics, and I gave it. My goodness, I suggested someone should beat Peter Marks with a shoe, and he’s not here crying about it.If you REALLY want to know what I (or anyone) think about your writing, maybe you should initiate a Comments option on your own page (anonymous, of course – most people are remarkably backward about coming forward). However, I’m not going to get into it here.

  7. Bob Anthony

    I guess you consider “pissing contest” to qualify as good English. Like many other theater people you seem romantic about perverse stage language which never happens in my my reviews. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the webpage for any negative or positive feedback. My phone number appears there also. In the future, I will schedule one of the other four critics to review your shows.

  8. Bob Anthony

    Grateful for a person who has spent over 43 years in this area as a teacher, actor, director, radio interviewer, and critic on a volunteer basis yet who has financially supported smaller theaters in this area especially Signature. Apologetic for her cruel statement regarding the talent of a critic who is respected all over the world (Rio, Poland, Australia most recently for his critical finesse)…and whose webpage is avidly appreciated with over a thousand hits a week.

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