My Big Head

So there is it, looming over the new block in Shirlington Village. You have to get into just the right position to see the face from the street (Stephen Gregory Smith and I were naughty and squeezed through a construction fence last night to get this shot), but my cleavage is clearly visible as you approach Signature Theatre’s new building from a more northerly direction (or if you’re dining in the new Bear Rock Cafe).

I had been told two days ago that the “poster” was going up in Signature’s enormous new lobby on Friday, so since I was meeting Stephen and other friends for drinks anyway last night anyway, I tucked my camera into my pocket. This shot was taken at night without a flash, which is why it looks a bit blurry. I’m no good at estimating dimensions, but the lobby photo display is enormous and my photo, which is on the far right, must be upwards of fifteen feet tall (in case you’re wondering, the photo is from Michael John LaChiusa’s The Highest Yellow, specifically in full cry during “Intermezzo: The Madam’s Song,” which was my second act solo). The photo seen small is an interesting study of a singer “in the moment;” blown up to giant size it becomes reminiscent of a portrait by Toulouse-Lautrec.

Pretty cool.


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