"The Brand New Kid" Opens

The Brand New Kid had its official opening last night, and I’m enjoying a day off before the madness that is Thanksgiving Week. Apparently the show is selling so well that the Powers That Be have already announced our extension, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of toting your associated rugrats out to The Kennedy Center for an hour’s worth of theatrical hijinks, make those reservations wiki-wiki.

We managed to herd most of the company together last night for a photo at the party last night: starting with the front row and left to right, we have Christina Flagg (Carrie), Michael Grew (Peter), Erika Rose (Ellie) and Jenna Edison (understudy). Second row, l-r: James Gardiner (Lazlo), Michael Friedman (composer/lyricist), Lynn McNutt (understudy), me (all the grownups) and Jeffrey L. Peterson (understudy). Third row, l-r: Derek Bowley (music director), Nick Olcott (director), Diego Prieto (Ricky) and Parker Esse (choreographer). Missing are Melanie Marnich (book & lyrics), set designer Alex Cooper, costume designer Rosemary Pardee, lighting designer AJ Guban, sound designer Tony Angelini, puppet designer Ingrid Crepeau, properties artisan Dreama Greaves, assistant director Shanna Beauchamp and our wonderful production stage manager, Brandon Prendergast.

Starting tomorrow morning at 10:15 a.m. (aiiieeeee) the regular run of the show kicks in. We usually do two matinees a day for school groups during the week, and up to seven public performances Friday through Sunday. This coming weekend is already sold out. The show runs through December 17th, so as already urged above, don’t wait. It’s fun for the little kiddies, there’s even some good stuff for grownups, and it’s only an hour long. If you can’t take one more Christmas Carol or Nutcracker, this is a nice change for the holidays.

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