Jackhammer Wednesday (The Exciting Conclusion)

I went out to run my errands, met John for lunch and then made my first foray to the Wegman’s over in Fairfax, where I was run into/nearly run into in the aisles more times in a single shopping trip than I can remember. Maybe it was because people were so agog at the plentious consumables all assembled under one roof, or maybe it was the choo-choo train that runs around the rafters near the dairy section, but everyone seemed to be looking in every direction except the one in which they were pushing their shopping cart.

I drove home hoping sincerely that the work on the main was finished, since I had bought a few too many groceries to schlep if I had to park anyplace other than in front of my own house. On approaching to my house, I was relieved to find that the construction cones, backhoe, trucks, generator and loud lumpy men were all gone. The trash collectors had been and gone as well, and had carefully and lovingly placed my empty cans smack in the middle of the driveway, so I had to stop my car in the street to get out and move them.

I unloaded my groceries, then went downstairs and turned on the tap in the utility sink. The tap shuddered and jittered and finally gushed forth dirty brown water. I let it run for ten minutes until the water was clear. Then I went outside and took a photo of the large lumpy patch left by the large lumpy men.

One comment

  1. Tony Westbrook

    I love me some Wegman’s. I’m surprised you didn’t slip on the drool all over the floors. That places is indeed dangerous, but in a good way. Always wear boots and body padding when going there. And, beware the dessert section!!!Heck all of that will cause a water main break ANYTIME! 🙂

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