"Safeword" Heads Up

Just wanted to alert you good folks that I’m doing a staged reading this Sunday of Callie Kimball’s new work, Safeword. It’s part of the Kennedy Center’s annual Page to Stage program and will be presented at 8:30 PM in the Family Theatre.

Callie is an up-and-coming young area playwright (and well-known area blogger). Her play May 39th was a big hit at this year’s Fringe Festival) and Safeword was a semi-finalist at the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. I had the privilege of working on Safeword‘s first workshop and it’s a fascinating work.

The cast includes Kimberly Gilbert, Bruce Jordan, Mark Sullivan, Kim Tuvin, Michael Willis and Abby Wood. It’s directed by Sara Denhardt.

Please come see the show – admission is free. It’s a chance to get in at the ground floor with a playwright who I’m convinced is going to go places – fast.


  1. LuckySpinster

    if you could wait to cash that check ’til tomorrow that’d be great.tee hee. thanks for the amazing support! i love your take on this role–such a dream having you in the reading!

  2. Mairi

    Hope it goes well, Donna. I’m sure it will. Sounds like a really good thing to be involved in. I’ll come over and see it when it reaches Broadway!

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