1. Joan L.

    Why is Santa Claus pursuing all of you murderers/would be murderers? Is it because you have been very, very bad?(I’ve never seen Assassins).

  2. Donna Migliaccio

    Would-be presidential assassin Samuel Byck dressed as Santa Claus to protest in front of the White House – hence Andy’s Santa suit.Byck is one of those “assassins you never heard of.” In 1974 Byck attemped to hijack an airliner from the Baltimore-Washington airport in order to crash it into the White House to kill Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, he made the error of shooting both the pilot and co-pilot and the plane never left the ground. Byck was wounded by police and then killed himself. Authorities hushed up the reason for Byck’s hijack attempt so there would be no “copycat” attempts on the Presidency.

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