This has been one of those days.

Without going into the gory details, I spent a lot of time in the past two weeks on a very involved volunteer project. In addition to the time, I lavished a lot of brainpower and creativity on the project. It was one of those projects where everything just fell into place and I felt like I was doing everything exactly right.

Today I found out that all the work has been for naught; the project is too large for those who asked for it.

I could screech with annoyance, but it’s really no one’s fault. I did exactly what was asked of me and well in advance of the expected timetable. There was no breakdown in communication. It’s just simply a matter of the the next step being too difficult.

So now I’ve been asked to go back to the project, scale it back and simplify it. I said I would. We’re in a time crunch now and I feel like I can’t back out. The problem is that I feel tapped out. I spent a couple of hours today working at the project from another angle, but everything was forced and wrong.

However, after a few hours away from the computer, involving Thai food and a couple of glasses of wine, I feel like I can approach the project tomorrow with a better attitude. It’ll work out; I know it will. Meanwhile, I have indulged my mood with this post. Now you all know the truth: my life is not always the serene gardening/birdwatching/family-visiting niceness that I’ve written about thus far. Sometimes it sucks and and I want to complain about it and I’m just a bitchy old grouch.



  1. David

    Dear Donna,I get in a crabby mood at least once a day! At least you have a good reason to feel crabby- most of the time I don’t even have that!

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