Lost Glove Motif

What is it with all the lost gloves on the W&OD Trail? I’ve already written about the Hailing Hand near Milepost 13; today I walked eastbound on a different section of the Trail and happened across two more. Unfortunately, I was without my camera so a description will have to suffice.

The first was a vivid blue and gray glove that had been stuck on a shrub. Since the glove was made out of some kind of insulated material, the fingers were thrust out stiffly. The glove stuck out at about a sixty degree angle, giving the uncomfortable impression that it was giving a Nazi salute. So – you guessed it – I dubbed it the Heiling Hand and moved on.

About a mile down I happened across a fuzzy, electric blue glove with a multicolored cuff, which had been placed on a bench. The glove was lying palm up, the fingers outstretched, lax and hopeless. It looked like a glove that had seen better times, a glove that had been flung from its soft life and, despairing, had laid down to sob its life away. I named it the Hopeless Hand.

On my trek back west, the Heiling Hand looked a little less rigid and forbidding. It actually leaned toward the trail, as if begging succor. From this approach, it appeared to be a Drowning Not Waving Hand, and I felt a little pity for it.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me if I’ve seen the Random Ball of the Woods again. I haven’t walked that particular stretch of the Trail since I first posted about it, but will probably go that way tomorrow. I’ll look for it – although a friend of mine observed that, given the winds we’ve had over the past couple of days, the Ball is probably in Kansas by now.

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  1. Y Not

    Hands across VA it seems. So many lost gloves! The land of Lost Gloves. Not to be confused with the island of the Lost Glovers! Where oh Where is Danny?Off to try the lotto for WICKED.

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