I’m going through one of those periods which is euphemistically known in the business as “taking a break.”

(Translation: “I’m unemployed.” )

I’m not particularly bothered by it, though.

(Translation: “My husband has a federal job and we’re not dependent on my acting career to pay the mortgage.”)

I was pretty much continuously working from February 2005 through the end of January 2006, all good projects for which I was paid well. I also have my next two projects lined up.

(Translation: “In a couple of months I’ll be working again.”)

So during this break

(Translation: “Three months of unemployment.”)

I’m focusing on improving myself.

(Translation: “I’m sleeping late, taking the occasional long walk or lifting weights for 20 minutes and calling it a workout, buying makeup, restyling my hair, but mostly putzing around on the computer all day.”)

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