Inaugural Post

Now that I have this blog in front of me, I scarcely know what to say. I think I’ve succumbed to Blog Envy. I have so many talented friends who have wonderful blogs that I felt I needed one, too. At least it’s free!

I’m a stage actress based out of the Washington, DC area. Having said that, I should forewarn you that it’s unlikely that I’ll spend a lot of time blathering on about my work. In the first place, it can be rather dull. In the second place, there are enough paranoid people in theatre management to make me cautious about saying even positive things about a show I’m working on. I read somewhere that the only safe time to talk about a show is when it’s over, and I’m going to try to make that my mantra.


  1. Q 5 Go

    YEAH!! DONNA!! I know what you mean about not knowing what to say… I got a blog out of pure blog envy and now know not what to do with it.Miss you and REALLY miss working with you!!!

  2. jupupedu

    Hi Donna,Fun reading your blog. I guess I’m enough of a fuddy duddy to have NO blog envy (I get my kicks reading my kids’ online journals and such – living vicariously through them, I suppose). XXOO,Julie

  3. Joan L.

    Very nice blog. I have no blog envy either, but maybe that’s because I spend my workday with my face stuck in a computer monitor and at home the kids won’t let me on the computer. LOLXOJoan

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